This page will inform you of the important factors effecting the local environment.  Such as air quality, water table height, wether and lots more.

Village Air Quality

Sensors to read – Nitrogen Dioxide, Ozone and Particles. Why these?

  • Nitrogen Dioxide is closely linked to the emissions of diesel vehicles. It will be interesting to see (for example) if levels change during times of the “school run”.
  • Ground level Ozone is linked to pollution and sunshine. It can irritate the respiratory system – particularly in children and exercising adults.
  • Particles, tiny paticles in the air are linked to heart attacks, strokes and dementia. During the winter we may see a rise in these from emissions of woodburning stoves.

Links to graphs and dials.

Water Table Height

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Broadwell Brook Water Level

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Village Weather – Rainfall, Temperature, Wind Speed/Direction, Humidity and Sunshine

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Woodburning Stoves

Woodburning Stoves and the emission of PM2.5 tiny particles linked to heart attacks, strokes and dementia.

Burn only bone dry wood. Opt for logs that have a moisture content <20% labelled “Ready to Burn” by a Woodsure certified supplier visit readytoburn.org

Those felling their own wood should purchase a moisture meter and only burn it when it is properly dry.

Everyone should install a carbon monoxide alarm in the same room as the wood burning stove.

DEFRA looks to ensure that only “SIA Ecodesign Ready” woodburners can be sold from 2022.

Such stoves are massively less polluting. They produce 90% fewer emissions than an open fire and 80% fewer that an old woodburner.

They are also far more efficient – 2 logs burn for up to an hour compared to 15 minutes in an open fire.

Filters can often be fitted to old woodburners but these seem a far more expensive option than upgrading to a SIA Ecodesign Ready stove and there are claims that the technology is unproven.