THE DUCK RACE & BREAKFAST Good Friday April 20

The Duck Race

Our Duck Race and breakfast on Good Friday has become an established Langford tradition. This year Good Friday is on April 19 – it’s a delightful family occasion so do come and join in

The Duck Race and Breakfast

For £2 anyone can buy their own duck for the race (a small plastic one rather than the real thing at that price!) – each duck is numbered, and will have your name against it on the master list.

We gather in the village hall at 10.00am for a delicious breakfast. After which we all make our way down the Filkins Road to the race starting point, the bridge over Broadwell Brook. Here the ducks are launched into the water, and begin their race downstream along the brook to the bridge on the Broadwell Road. People and dogs can walk the river bank to follow the progress of their ducks – the lead will change hands many times!

Prizes for the first three ducks home, but really it’s about the honour and glory of winning (and of course the taking part)!

It’s a lovely family activity and so do please come and join us (and at the same time help us to raise some money to go towards the Church Fabric Fund to help us maintain our beautiful church).

For further information, and to make very welcome offers of help, please contact Denise Kemp (