The Cricket Club

Langford Cricket Club is 100 years old and is a central part of village life. It boasts four adult teams, two youth sides and a new nets facility, among the best to be found in Oxfordshire, where the village’s youngsters can be found honing and developing their cricketing skills through much of the year.

These nets were only installed some four years ago and have marked a massive rejuvenation of the Club.

If you are interested in joining the Club socially or as a player call Stephen Findlay-Wilson on 01367 860104 or Jez Lewis on 01993 842733

For more information email Ian

We have a mix of teams to suit every ability and level of seriousness.

The Adult Teams
The Club has four adult teams:

The Langford Bulls -
This Saturday League side, run and led by their passionate captain, Tim Miles, entered the Cirencester District Cricket Association (CDCA) league only this year and immediately made its presence felt. They came top of their division, losing just one match in the entire competitive season and winning themselves promotion. This is all the more inspiring since most of the lads in this team are from Langford and at the beginning of their cricketing careers. Led by their hugely experienced captain, the remainder of the team is barely 20 years old! A team of great promise, and a source of great pride for the village.

The Langford Lions -
Led by Andy Brown, whose passion for his side oozes from every pore, is our mid-week CDCA T20 Cup side. A mixture of ages, the side competes hard with no room to spare. They have not yet won the cup but the emphasis is on ‘yet’

The Sunday side -
This season to be led by Richard Parsons, the Sunday side is our Friendly Side. It competes on a more ‘Cricketing Optimistic’ level. The team plays a forty over game with a mixed age line up and a ‘very nice tea’ half way through. Sunday is 70% serious and 30% social and is a great chance to play.

The Langford Casuals -
The Cricketing ‘has beens’ or ‘never beens’ play for the Casuals. A sort of over 40s collection of ‘sort of Cricketers’ who ‘sort of play’ a ‘sort of game’ a few times every season. Difficult to explain but if you are old and ill get hold of Steve Findlay-Wilson!

To find out more about any of these team call Stephen Findlay-Wilson on 01367 860104 or Jez Lewis on 01993 842733

Youth Teams
The Club has always looked to develop its youth teams and has run a successful under 15s side. For the coming year the plans are to extend this to include an under 13s side too.

These players will be supported by an ongoing youth development plan, run by an extremely well qualified coach.

To find out more about your child joining the Club call Stephen Findlay-Wilson on 01367 860104 or Jez Lewis on 01993 842733I