Ground water levels and air quality monitoring coming soon.

Air Quality - will monitor Nitrogen Dioxide, Ozone, Particles and Temperature and Humidity. Data will be presented here and uploaded to a website so anyone in Langford can use it. Hope is that it may be of value in a School Project or such.

Ground water levels - aim is to present a monthly reading of the level of the ground water height by taking readings from an active well in the Village. At this time the "data set" is very small - but it will build over time!

31Mar17 -58cm vs ground level
9Apr17 -63cm
30Apr17 -69cm
31May17 -71cm
16Jun17 -74cm

If you have an interest in matters of the local environment or can contriubute environmental data please mail: ian@ianburton.xyz

Of particular interest would be any historic records.