Village Documents

A variety of documents are available here to review from archive material, Council reports and District Council information related to Langford. They will open in a new window ( and can be read on-line or downloaded

Langford Parish Council 1895 to 1995 A History of 100 Years of Service
An archived document written in 1995 by Alison Kemp to document the previous 100 years of the Langford Parish Council,

Langford Parish Council Community Emergency Plan
This purpose of this plan is to give The Parish Emergency Management Team, The Emergency Services, Oxfordshire County Council and West Oxfordshire District Council in the event of a major incident which may threaten the safety and welfare of the community both residential and employed, property and livestock. It is the key objective to provide speedy communication and to help the Emergency Services (or to deliver appropriate action while awaiting the Emergency Service) and in particular to provide appropriate support for vulnerable residents and reduce the level of panic in the community.

WODC Proposals for Preservation & Enhancement : Langford
West Oxfordshire District Council has a duty under section 71 of the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990, to formulate and publish proposals for the preservation and enhancement of Conservation Areas after consideration at a Public Meeting. This document has been prepared following public consultation and consideration at a Public Meeting.

WODC Conservation Area Character Appraisal : Langford
This Conservation Area Character Appraisal describes the main aspects of character or appearance which contribute to the special interest and quality of the area. This document is intended to complement the approved polices for Conservation Areas contained in the West Oxfordshire Local Plan.

Parish Flood Report : Langford (July 2008)
In response to requests from both the Parish and Town Councils and the general public West Oxfordshire District Council has produced a number of reports that identify each individual cause of flooding within the Parish / Town, what work is being carried out by external agencies (EA, Thames water etc); what the potential options are for future mitigation - and who might be best placed to fund such schemes.

Parish Flood Maps : Langford (July 2008)
Langford Play Ground Questionnaire
The Parish Council are looking to develop a new village playground. Currently the playground has been out of use for over 5 years, largely due to the delay in affordable housing site and falling into disrepair. We have a great community spirit in the village with a pub, village hall, primary school, allotments, numerous clubs and activities but we do not have any play facilities. Being quite isolated the village needs this facility to entertain the children and get them outdoors running around, enjoying the countryside.

During the summer of 2011 the Parish Council circulated questionnaires to canvas opinion for its plan to reinstate the village playground. We reviewed the response and found that 80% of the returned questionnaires were from villagers and we received an overall 97% support in the decision to rebuild the playground. All agreed that the village needs something to keep the younger members entertained and that outside play is a good activity. The most popular item was the swing and Filkins offers the most popular alternative playground.

Village Playground Design Competition Winner
We also ran a design competition for the children and prizes were awarded for their colourful designs which were displayed on the village notice board.

St Christopher’s School Playground Design Examples
St Christopher’s School Council


Langford Play Area Scheme Draft 9/11/11
Following the successful response from our village the Parish Council then instructed a Landscape Architect to pull together a fully costed scheme that will be used to obtain feedback, provide a basis for grant funding and enable a successful build. We have produced a scheme proposal that incorporates the main expectations and requirements from our community engagement. This proposal is in the form of a detailed drawing and budget estimate. The plan is split into three areas.

The Activity Area will include a built up grassed mound to incorporate a ramp with a wide slide. It will also include a reconditioned vintage tractor which will help reinforce the agricultural connection as well as being a great place to climb. Behind the tractor will be a raised bed to be used by the school as a teaching resource. Crops will be planted, monitored then harvest to demonstrate where food comes from. A lower bed will be used as a sand pit and 2 wobbly sheep will provide great fun for the younger visitors.

The Swing area will include a toddler and nest swing to ensure everybody is catered for. Finally the Zipwire, a very popular request from the school designs; it will be our main attraction. We are also hoping to landscape the surroundings with boulders, trees and a curved timber wall to help contain users safely. A space for use as an offsite resource by the school is included but ensuring that the playground can still operate at all times. Plus a picnic bench and bin for your afternoon snack. 

Langford Foot Paths and Right of Way
Click this link to find a map and description of the footpaths and rights of way around our area. We have some beautiful countryside get out there and enjoy some walks!

History of Langford properties written in 1977 read all about our great historic lisited buildings

Village Map with property names - North

Village Map with property names - South

Langford Parish Council - Planning Guidelines - agreed at council meeting 08 October 2015. The Councils view on how to appraise planning applications in the Parish of Langford.